So am I screwed?

So I went to powere plant after getting through murk forest. I saw the pawniard and tried to catch it, but ended up killing it. Is there some way to bring it back because I hadnt saved since first audrey fight and really dont want to do it again. If not, is someone willing to trade as I am trying to cimplete the dex and need this.

Your best bet would be to try asking on the trades channel on discord or maybe the trading category here.

if you haven’t gotten the Delta Pawnaird yet, I don’t need mine, and will gladly trade it for a high level with a Dark Rock

Dude for real?
I don’t relax after a boss battle until I am able to hit the save button.
I also save:

  • When entering a new city/town/area.
  • Before every hidden grotto/delta encounter
  • Before every boss battle (except a couple that I didn’t expect to occur as they did such as East though I believe East was the only one the area save didn’t still cover).
  • Every time I put the game in the background because being left in the background too long causes it to crash (This seems to be an RPG maker thing NOT Insurgence as I have the same issue with Reborn).

However, the first time I learned to save frequently was when I experienced a severe lag that lead to the game crashing during game play.
I was fortunate enough to have been in a position to have only lost a hiker battle but knew the situation could have been more like yours.

As for the Delta Pawniard, I think you’re gonna have to trade as I’ve never known Delta Encounters to reset or occur multiple times.

Tip: A pokemon with either Poison Point, Poison Touch, Flame Body or an attack that causes sleep and level balls, quick balls or ultra balls vs. doing direct damage.
That’s how I’ve done a great deal of the Deltas as well as other special encounters far below my level.