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Smol update for new randomizer nuzlocke

3rd attempt at random nuzlock
heres how it went so far:
I got a reshiram as a starter and named it Srikar.

Found a D.Budew which i named Depression. I dropped it b/c it was too weak. Srikar is level 11.

i was vsing a trainer which i thought was a wild battle and almost died trying to catch it… i still only have Srikar

i got a Samurott i named W.Samurai. It shortly died after i didnt heal it and it died trying to catch a ralts which i failed at. At that level i thought ralts only knew heal pulse and teleport or something.

I got a charizard named wing lizard. It died to a D.Noviern when i was trying to catch it… thought it could tank its leech seed. R.I.P showed me real potential.

Still haven’t left the forest, Srikar is level 14.

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Quick tip, in a randomizer, keep Serebii or Bulba at hand so you can check the ORAS level up movesets. It’s saved me quite a few times.

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thanks how am i doing so far though?

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Decent ig.

Everyone i ever had on my team has been wiped out except for my starter. i am really bad. oh yeah and depression still in that box. i tried training depression but then it almost died and missed 6 out of 9 times without any stats lowered. how IS THAT EVEN possible.

WAIT WAIT WAIT, if i lose that tourney for the trainer school my pokemon are dead?

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Missed what?

Yes. Edited the topic to the Let’s Play/Videos category.

i am ubers worthy

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No you Aren’t

aren pun?

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Ok ig

thanks for noticing

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