Smogon-style thing for Mega Stunfisk

With Athenian, Mega Stunfisk gains an effective 182 special attack, easily the highest attacking stat in it tier. It’s no slouch defensively either, with 109/104/134 defenses backing up Athenian’s power. It’s good STAB combination allows it to check and counter a number of potent threats such as Skarmory, Talonflame, and Mega Manectric, and is very difficult to switch into if predicted wrong.

Unfortunately, that same Electric/Ground STAB combo that makes it potent also leaves it weak to common attacks from Ice, Water and Grass types. Not helping matters is its very slow 57 base speed and a lack of priority moves. Finally, outside of the unreliable Rest, it has no form of recovery and is prone to being worn down by status or otherwise.

Even with these issues, Mega Stunfisk is still a potent counter and devastating wallbreaker that can handle a number of threats, even if it does have to make do with a lacking speed.

Final Verdict: OU, with Ubers potential

Set 1: Wallbreaker

Nature: Modest EV: 146 HP/252 SpA/112 Spe Item: Stunfiskite

  • Thunderbolt
  • Earth Power
  • Scald
  • Sludge Bomb/Stealth Rock/Livewire

Thunderbolt is M-Stunfisk’s main attack, hitting much of the tier for massive damage thanks to Athenian. Earth Power rounds out Stunfisk’s STAB combo, hitting much of what Thunderbolt can’t. Scald is the third option, allowing M-Stunfisk to hit Pokemon such as Landorus and Gliscor, who would otherwise wall this set completely, in addition to creating a burn chance. The fourth move is the surprise. Sludge Bomb can be used to punish Grass and Fairy types, with the bonus of poisoning them. If Grass coverage is not needed, then entry hazards such as Stealth Rock or Livewire can be considered, depending on your team makeup.

Other options

A specially defensive set, with EVs spread primarily into HP and Special Defense and running the RestTalk set with TBolt and Earth Power, can allow Stunfisk to work as a wall, while still having Athenian’s raw power. However, this set struggles with checks and is otherwise outclassed by the Wallbreaker set.

Checks and Counters

Grass Types: If M-Stunfisk isn’t carrying Sludge Bomb/Wave, then it becomes very vulnerable to Pokemon such as Serperior, Amoongus, and Mega Venusaur. Even then, however, a number of them apart from Serperior and Breloom can take at least one Sludge Bomb and proceed to threaten it out. Serperior, however, struggles to switch in and requires a safe switch to be effective. Chesnaught stands out as a check due to its immunity to Sludge Bomb, but fears Sludge Wave.

Water-types: While they’re taken out handily by Thunderbolt, water Pokemon such as Volcanion, Gyarados-M and Rotom-W can take advantage of M-Stunfisk’s low speed and proceed to 2HKO or even OHKO it with their attacks. Rotom has a particularly easy time, taking only neutral damage from Thunderbolt and proceeding to threaten it with Hydro Pump. Volcanion, however, requires a slow Baton Pass or another Pokemon fainting to be able to handle M-Stunfisk.

Ice Types: Pokemon such as Weavile and Kyurem-B will prove to give M-Stunfisk a hard time, as they can threaten to decimate it with their STAB ice attacks. Weavile, however, cannot switch in safely against any of M-Stunfisk’s attacks.

Ground types: Pokemon such as Excadrill, Landorus-T, and Garchomp can outspeed M-Stunfisk and threaten it with an Earthquake, oftentimes forcing it out. Landorus-T is particularly good at this, as it is immune to both of M-Stunfisk’s STAB’s. However, all of them fear Scald.

Faster Attackers: As M-Stunfisk is very slow, many attackers, such as M-Heracross, Delta Gallade/Gardevoir, and Diggersby can come in and force pressure on its weaker defense stat, often leaving it in an undesirable position.

Special Walls: Chansey is a surefire counter to M-Stunfisk, being able to soak up a number of hits that it dishes out, and can proceed to cripple it badly. Other walls such as Goodra, Latias and Latios can also survive at least one hit.

Status: While M-Stunfisk is immune to paralysis, it absolutely loathes Toxic and burns, as it puts the mon on a timer and puts even more pressure on it. This is not helped by its complete lack of recovery options.

Let me know what you guys think. Suggestions, deletions, additions, all appreciated.

This is definitely a scary threat. Few Pokemon can switch into it. The only Pokemon that can consistently wall M-Stunfisk is Chansey. However, there are a few that can take at least two hits. Full SpDef Ferrothorn can avoid a 2HKO most of the time. Chesnaught walls it if it is running Sludge Bomb over Sludge Wave. Assault Vest Goodra takes around 30-37%, but it can only switch in so many times. Dragonite takes attacks decently if Multiscale is up and threatens it with Earthquake. Lati@s will be a decent check once they are released, able to survive 2 hits with some investment.

That being said, M-Stunfisk works well with hazard setters and slow pivots. Rotom-W is a great partner for M-Stunfisk. It can switch in on Water, Ground, or Ice attacks aimed at it, cripple physical attackers, and bring it in safely with slow Volt Switch. However, both are weak to Grass so a Grass-resist complements them well.

Thinking about gen 7(which may not happen for a while), mega stunfisk will gain some new friends and enemies:

Komala: Walls Toxic and can set up or use the turn to wish pass. Also gets wood hammer to scare off waters and is partially bulky itself.

Trick room:Granted, trick room still isn’t able to go for 7 turns, yes. But with so many slower mons that are essentially built for this stuff, stunfisk fits right in on a singles OR doubles team. Toucannon in particular lets stunfisk slot nicely as a tapu koko check and can ohko most grass types with flynium z. Meanwhile, torkoal can just nuke anything with the safe drought switchins. Perfect under this.

Tapu Koko:Tapu koko must REALLY hate this thing AND love it. Koko can do nothing to stunfisk, and stunfisk can OHKO it with earth power and use the electric terrain to boost its own electric attacks and gain an immunity to spore. Meanwhile, this exact thing makes stunfisk a good partner for voltswitch koko, as stunfisk can easily eat up steel and poison hits for fairy, and should usually survive ground hits thanks to its tankiness. Absoloutely toxic relationship that I cant wait to see where it goes.

Alolan persian:can use z parting shot to fully restore mega stunfisks HP. Amazing synergy for any mega lacking recovery really. Also bulky enough to live any one physical attack.

Cant really think of anything else off the top of my head. Meanwhile, on the flipside-

Tsareena:Pretty much smacks it hard with trop kick. Switch out is a must. I think stunfisk gets slude bomb for grass though.

Alolan Nintetales and Sandslash:Spams Blizzards and icicle crash respectively. Stunfisk can hit em but only after the damage is done sadly.

Alolan Marowak:Assuming its made to run slower than stunfisk, it can easily OHKO with bonemerang. Avoid at all costs.

Anyone notice any other interesting pairs with gen 7?

Unfortunately, Gen 7 will not be happening with Insurgence, so working out extra matchups is pointless.