Smogon style thing for M-Flygon

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With a massive 140 base Sp Atk, a blisteringly fast 130 base speed, and a strong ability in Amplifier, Mega Flygon quickly raises the once lowly dragon to new heights as a fearsome wallbreaker. Thanks to new tools in Drakon Voice and Ancient Roar, and a new Bug typing to allow for STAB Bug Buzz, Mega Flygon can easily rip through enemy teams that are unprepared for the Mystic Pokemon. In addition, it still retains much of the versatility that made the original Flygon so great in RU, and is well noted in the sheer number of switches it can force.

However, not all is well in Mystic territory. That same Bug typing that gives it a powerful Bug Buzz also leave it with a host of weaknesses, notably to Flying and Rock types, and leaves M-Flygon with a nasty Stealth Rock weakness. In particular, it struggles mightily against Fairy-types, and other than Boomburst, generally has no real answer against them. It also happens to be rather frail, and so any Pokemon that can take even one of its hits can potentially put it out of commission, or wear it down, and as a consequence, Flygon struggles to find points where it can switch in safely and Mega Evolve, and is also very prone to being revenge killed or eaten by priority. Finally, the special set is completely shut down by Soundproof.

Still, despite these flaws, M-Flygon is a wallbreaker that is not to be underestimated in the Insurgence metagame, and can very quickly tear holes in teams unprepared for it.

Final Verdict: Ubers

Set 1: The Type-26 Banshee

EV:252 SpAtk/6 HP/252 Spe Nature: Timid Item: Flygonite

  • Drakon Voice/Boomburst
  • Ancient Roar
  • Bug Buzz
  • Earth Power/Fire Blast

This is the bread and butter set, the set that Flygon is most known for in the land of Torren. Drakon Voice is the key attacking move here, boosted to an effective 236 power that can tear apart teams. Boomburst is an alternative move that can hit Fairies without a noticeable drop in power. Ancient Roar hits Pokemon like Shaymin and Yveltal super-effectively, who would otherwise decimate M-Flygon. Bug Buzz is needed to guarantee OHKO’s on Pokemon like Deoxys or Darkrai. The fourth move contains the surprise. Earth Power is generally recommended for getting past the Rock and Steel types that would otherwise wall Flygon. Fire Blast, on the other hand can be used to tackle the rare Soundproof Abomasnow, who can otherwise eat up the set for breakfast, with the added bonus of being able to hit Steel types as well for more damage compared to Earth Power, at the cost of not being to hit Rock-types as effectively.

Other Options

A physical set, with Earthquake, Hone Claws, Stone Edge and Dragon Rush sounds appealing, but is outclassed by Mega Salamence, who has better bulk, higher attack, and access to Dragon Dance, in addition to taking away Flygon’s wallbreaking abilities.

Checks and Counters

Fairy-types: Xerneas, Mega Mawile, and Arceus-Fairy very handily resist much of Flygon’s moves, and can easily OHKO or set up on it. However, Xerneas and Arceus need to be wary of Boomburst, while Mega Mawile cannot handle Earth Power or Fire Blast.

Stealth Rock: Having Stealth Rock on the field can limit the number of times Flygon can switch in, especially with its Rock-type weakness. Tyranitar is especially good at this, as it can easily stomach any attack Flygon can throw at it and set up Stealth Rock, or even 2HKO it.

Steel-types: Pokemon like Aegislash, Arceus-Steel, and Jirachi can tank the STAB moves of Flygon somewhat effectively, and can proceed to either cripple it or potentially OHKO it. Jirachi in particular can switch in comfortably and proceed to cripple it with Thunder Wave. However, all of them still need to be wary of Earth Power or Fire Blast.

Flying-Types: While none of them can switch in safely on any of Flygon’s moves, especially Ancient Roar, Pokemon such as Landorus, Mega Salamence, Rayquaza and Yveltal can still prove to be dangerous threats against M-Flygon. Landorus in particular can handle Flygon, tanking one of its moves and promptly OHKO’ing it with Rock Slide. However, Rayquaza and Salamence are taken out easily by Drakon Voice.

Status: Paralysis or Toxic completely screw with Flygon, and make it that much easier to check. Toxic puts a timer on M-Flygon, while Paralysis reduces its speed significantly, allowing Pokemon it would normally check to step in and KO it.

Faster Attackers: While there aren’t many in Ubers that can keep up with M-Flygon, the ones available can easily tear it apart, with Deoxys-A and Mega Mewtwo Y easily able to OHKO Flygon with an appropriate move due to being faster overall. Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Gengar also run in the same speed tier as Flygon-M, turning things into a guessing game that could swing either way.

Special Walls: Pokemon like Lugia, Giratina and Primal Kyogre can easily step in and proceed to cripple or even KO Flygon. However, Lugia is vulnerable to Ancient Roar, while Giratina is 2HKO’d by Drakon Voice.

Let me know what you guys think. Any additions, deletions, or suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

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This is a pretty nice guide. A few things:

The physical set is generally outclassed by Mega Salamence, which has better bulk, higher attack, and access to Dragon Dance.

Abomasnow is OHKOd by Bug Buzz unless it is Mega and has 248 HP/252+ SpD, and it is so outclassed in Ubers that it is just a waste of a Mega slot. Edit: Forgot about Soundproof, but that’s so situation that it is literally useless in Ubers.

Standard Tyranitar can take less than 50% from any attack the special set has to offer and deal massive damage or set up Stealth Rock.

Standard Jirachi can do this as well and paralyze Mega Flygon.

The advantages of Drakon Voice over Boomburst are: -Guaranteed OHKO on Mega Salamence (any), Rayquaza (any) -Guaranteed 2HKO on Primal Groudon (any), Arceus-Water (standard), Mega Sableye (any), and Giratina (any) -Likely 2HKO on Dialga (any)

The advantages of Boomburst over Drakon Voice are: -Guaranteed 2HKO on Xerneas -Likely 2HKO on Arceus-Fairy (standard)

The advantages of Earth Power over Fire Blast are: -Likely OHKO on Mega Diancie after Stealth Rock + 1 layer of Spikes or 2+ layers of Spikes

The advantages of Fire Blast over Earth Power are: -Likely OHKO on Excadrill (standard) and Ferrothorn (any) -Guaranteed 2HKO on Skarmory (any)

Noted. Will edit accordingly.