Smogon style thing for Delta Ditto

First Delta Species analysis, more to come soon!

Delta Ditto is arguably one of the more important mons in Insurgence, being the only one capable of breeding with Delta Species and allowing a trainer to create that perfect IV breed without having to hunt for IV stones, as well as allowing Delta Species to be traded without any real risk.

However, that utility doesn’t translate to battling success in the slightest. Delta Ditto’s low overall statline and lack of Imposter means it runs the risk of being OHKO’d the moment it steps into the field, and it also means it’s forced to rely on free switches. Protean, while an amazing ability, is wasted due to Ditto not having any moves that allow it to take advantage of the utility it offers. It’s one true niche lies in Retrograde, in which case it turns into a mon that can potentially stop a sweep or wallbreak from a Mega Evo dead cold, but that implies Delta Ditto will have the capability to tank more than one hit from said Mega Evo (which it doesn’t). The other, Morph, is also inconsistent as Delta Ditto can potentially screw itself over transforming into a Delta Species variant of a mon that is weak to the regular version, as well as not having access to the STAB moves or optimal moveset that the Delta Species variant would normally use.

Overall, a mon that simply has niches that are too narrow to justify using over Ditto or Smeargle. If you have any sanity or aren’t attempting to look like a hipster coolboi, don’t use Delta Ditto in a serious battling composition, unless you’re looking to make use of Retrograde.

Final Verdict: PU

Set 1: Delta Hookahs

  • EV: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD
  • Nature: Timid/Jolly
  • Item: Focus Sash


  • Transform
  • Morph
  • Retrograde

This is the only set Delta Ditto can run. Transform allows Ditto to transform into the mon opposite it. Morph does the exact same thing, except if there exists a Delta Species variant of the mon it’s attempting to transform to, it’ll transform into that instead. Retrograde is the interesting bit, as it allows Delta Ditto to completely shut down any Mega Evolution for the rest of the battle, potentially putting a stop to sweepers, walls and wallbreakers alike. It is arguably the most useful bit in its arsenal, which makes it a surprise counter when used.

Other Options

Checks and Counters

Entry Hazards: These break Delta Ditto’s Focus Sash, making it extremely likely it’ll wind up dead within the next hit. These should be cleared post haste.

Any Strong Pokemon: Delta Ditto’s hideously weak statline means that anything that so much as looks at it funny will kill it instantly, especially if its Focus Sash is broken. Worse yet, it’s slow speed means that it’ll probably wind up dead before it can even so much as lift a gooey finger.

Let me know what you think. It’s good to get back into the swing of things, but all opinions are appreciated.

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