Small Battle Menu Quality-of-Life Changes

The fact that the move selector remembers its position even after swapping pokemon feels awkward to me. (i.e. using pokemon A’s 2nd move slot, then swapping to pokemon B and having the selector remember slot 2 even though its a different pokemon) That sounds very small and insignificant, but over a playthrough where pokemon are swapped ten million times (combined with the fact that I’m a dingus who can’t adapt to change) it gets a little irritating. If possible, I would love an option to turn that off.

This is compounded by the fact that, because the only visible difference between the currently hovered move and the rest of a pokemon’s moves is a relatively slight shift in color shade, and most pokemon know multiple types of moves (and therefore all of its moves are different colors), it becomes difficult to tell at a glance which move is currently selected. (in my experience, this is most true for delta venusaur, who knows pink-shaded fairy and psychic moves, and donphan, who knows a bunch of brownish ground and rock type moves) This can be completely solved by having the currently selected move blink or having a simple but distinct black outline for the currently selected move.

These complaints are very minor and I love the game, thank you for reading.