Sludge Bomb and Earthquake TMs?

Hey, does anyone know where to find the TMs for sludge bomb and earthquake? Are they even available as TMs in the game?

I need them for my Grengar and Electravire. I know I could just breed them with the moves, but I already EV trained the both of them, and I don’t want to go through the hassle of doing it all over again.

I forgot where sludge bomb was but I know that EQ is in the volcanic Victory Road

Jeez dude you’re quick! Thanks for the answer, looks like I’ll be waiting a while for Earthquake then. Do you remember if you found sludge bomb in the wild or by talking to an npc?

I don’t think I found sludge bomb yet, but I did get sludge wave on the ground. I can’re remember where though

Sludge wave won’t work on Gengar, unfortunately. Sludge bomb has stab too. I’ll just keep a look out and hope I find it. Thanks for the help!

i don’t know which one is where between sludge bomb and sludge wave but one is at the beginning of monte rose base and the other on route 15, a man sell it.

Sludge bomb was at the end of route 15, thanks!