Skurleton's Not-Delta Art dump

Just a dump where I throw my sprites in

Mega Redesigns
Front Sprites:

Back Sprites

Small Fixes/Edits:

Armored Pokemon


I really like the Solosis and the Marowak.

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The Cacturne and Feraligatr look amazing!

The Cacturne one looks so cool with that tiny cape! Feraligatr looks a lot more menacing and I like how you incorporated the ghost on Marowak. Finally, Reuniclus looks like some kind of robot, and that’s pretty awesome!

I need these…

@Skurleton Could you make backsprites, icons, and shinies for these so we can use them ingame?

Yeah. That would be great.

He updated the OP with backsprite for Cacturne, if you didn’t already see.


Added the Small Edits/Fixes category for stuff that I just wanted to fix and such.



I love it!