Skill Description, How do you scroll down?

As the topic asks, I just started playing and I see a few skills where the descriptions are cut off. I can not for the life of me figure out how to “scroll down” to see the rest of the description.

press q

Oml I’ve been on insurgence since it came out, and just now I find out about this. :confused:

the more you know i guess ^^’

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thank you!

np budd

Ok pressing the letter “q” is not actually working for me.

I want to read the rest of this description and its driving me nuts lol

did you change controls ? and also, just check

I actually reset them to default thinking it did change something by mistake. weird…

“This move always goes first.”

With the default settings you should be able to scroll through the Move description with Q and W

Can you try it on your game? I like to use a controller so I use this game with Xpadder. Anyways to make sure the program was not causing the issue, I reset to default controls and loaded my game. I proceeded to use the keyboard to play and check the skill description. Does not work, my default bind for Q and W are scroll up and down… it just does not work.

I just checked it, it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I am sure it worked before… very strange.