Should I teach my Croconaw flail?

Should I teach my Croconaw flail? These r its moves at the moment: Ice Fang, Water Gun, Rage, and Bite. If it is worth teaching it Flail, which move should I switch it with?

It doesn’t matter too much because you will be switching things around when it evolves into Feraligatr. It learns flail at lvl 24…so you should be getting crunch within a few level to replace bite. Considering how slow a Croconaw is, by the time your HP is low enough that flail will do a ton of damage, you will probably die the next turn before you can attack, so I’d say just wait it out for crunch to replace bite. Also, I assume you are pretty early in the game, but if you are considering making a competitive Feraligatr, you should start breeding with egg moves in Metchi town (like D. Dance) otherwise he just won’t be that great, your current one will probably get lost in your box towards the end of the game.

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Thanks a lot. And yes, I’m quite early in the game, this helps thanks.

I think your Croconaw’s moves are fine at the moment. Besides, when your Croconaw evolves into feraligatr, you’ll have plenty of good moves to choose from like superpower, crunch and aqua tail. So I would say keep the moveset you have for now.