Should i EV train my team no matter the difficulty

I am new to insurgence and i am wondering if i should EV train my team every playthrough. To me it seems like you are supposed to but you can get by without it so am i correct about that or not?

depends on what difficulty you’re playing on and if you use items in battle
on easy you dont have to
on normal you dont have to if you got a good team with good moves and all that stuff
on hard you should but it’s beatable without evs

yeah i’m trying to go for a somewhat well rounded team with coverage and i think i have a decent team but i need 1 more member to round out my team which is made up of D Charizard, D Scizor, Azumarill, Excadrill and Typhlosion. what would you recommend as my 6th member i’m at the Utira library section now

idk choose what u like i would go with a grass type

I feel like EV training is probably neccessary on normal and above, especially late game and definielty postgame.
The Devs, for example, are full Ev and Iv trained


  • Individual Values will be set to 31 in all stats, for all major trainers’ Pokémon starting at Nyx. All other trainers’ Pokémon’s Individual Values will be set to default (10) in all stats.
  • Effort Values will be set to default (level * 1.5, with a maximum of 85) in all stats, for all trainer Pokémon.
  • Natures are randomized for almost all trainer Pokémon.