Should I add Mew to the team, what do you think?

At crystal cave right now. Considering adding mew onto the team. Thinking of making it a special sweeper type. However, that means I have to swap one of my original members. I’ve noticed Gardevoir’s 60 def really makes it frail.However, the lightningrod ability should come in handy in the next gym. Can’t really say much about Gengar because it’s a recent addition to the team. Though, his shadow tag and destiny bond make him a great revenge killer.

Here’s the two choices for who can be swapped:

Kit-kat (Gardevoir) @ Delta Gardevoirite

Ability: Lightningrod Level: 79

EVs: 0 Hp 0 Atk 0 Def 255 SpA 0 SpD 255 Spe

Modest Nature

  • Ice Beam
  • Calm Mind
  • Thunderbolt
  • Nuzzle

Black Tea (Gengar) @ Gengarite

Ability: Levitate Timid Level: 85 EVs:0 Hp 0 Atk 0 Def 255 SpA 0 SpD 255 Spe

  • Shadow Ball
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Destiny Bond
  • Energy Ball

As for the Mew, I’m thinking of giving it the same EV spread. Trying for a Timid nature because thats what smogon is suggesting. Giving it Softboiled plus with her stats this would give her more staying power than gardevoir.

  • Psychic
  • Calm Mind
  • Softboiled
  • Thunderbolt for coverage against Calreath then probably switch with Flamethrower

I’m quite pleased with my gengar and thinking of swapping out delta gardevoir. However, that will make my team not have any deltas at all. There’s always the option to NOT add mew to the team.

I say add it to the team. It is the games mascot after all and my Mew was strong enough to take out Taen’s Mewtwo by itself (granted Mewtwo was hurting itself with its Life Orb but that’s still an impressive feat). For some reason though, Mew can’t learn Soft-boiled, at least in my game. You might have to get Roost instead.

Thanks for the feedback. What set up did your mew run?

Whilst battling Mewtwo, it used Psychic, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind and Giga Drain. If my memory is correct (I sometimes fear that my memory might lie to me), I also gave it a Sitrus Berry. Ironically, my Mew’s Attack is actually stronger than it’s Special Attack but it didn’t require a single physical move to win the battle.

can anyone suggest a nice moveset for mew and pls dont include status moves