Shinys for poke ev max

Trading Name: shinys for poke ev max

Offer: magnetoon shiny , swablu shiny sandrew shiny

Request: pokemones trained max ev (ev max only) pokemones few would be willing to give? Further info:pokemones trained max ev (ev max only) pokemones few would be willing to give?

Why are you trading a shiny for max EVs? It is not worth it. You can easily EV train any pokemon. If you want a Pokemon with max IVs then thats another thing but please do not trade a shiny which is not easy to get, for ev training. It would just be a waste for you.

Cyclopz it is actually worth it considering many people do not have the time or patience to do this.2-3 even more depending on the shiny is an ok trade

mmmmmmm and perfect pokemones few would be willing to give?

I dont think I could do it due to other things going on

Which did you catch?

Me or Nasho0te?

??? me or dayday

You friend @nasho0te

I have these 3 shinys made in exchange with Satoshi today I need trained Pokemon can be many former single maximum or full max iv and ex few ofreserian?

For the three I’ll offer six pokemons. Want me to choose or you?

I think hope more pokemones: C

How about five for the magneton and swablu?

6 pokemon? :C plis

5 Pokemon and 2 IV stones?

6 plis :C

I don’t want to trade anymore, sorry. Hope you can find someone else

I can trade a 6iv dratini for swablu. I can also give it full evs to your choice.

pokemones few ev max be willing to give?

I could give you dratini and 3 iv stones for swablu