Shiny UFI worth more the other shiny legends?

the topic says all

IMO, it doesn’t worth more than a shiny legend.

It worths the same as them

how many deltas is a shiny legend worth

2-3. 4 at most

ok thx for the info

One guy was offering 3 shiny deltas for my off natured shiny latios so yeah. Didn’t accept it but that doesn’t matter

Also imo ufi IS a bit more expensive cuz you need to complete the entire dex. Insurgence is a big game with loads of Mons so that’s gonna take a while

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i compleated the game and am hunting UFI. what is the best nature for ufi

Idk probably timid lemme check I lyk

I used a calm nature for a bulky nano repair set

can iget a calm sync

It look like a special attacker so modest/timid or calm as sbeve said. Also nanorepair is broken af



here’s the set/evs I’m using for some reason screenshots are a little odd but yeah

can i get a calm sunc for 6 iv stones @Sbeve

sure ig

ok will @ you in some time scince i am in my coding class

sounds good!

how many encounters did the ufi take

I can’t remember exactly but I know I went over odds for it, it took me around a week of sring I think