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Shiny UFI for any event pokemon

Shiny ufi for any event pokemon EXPECT yamask and snover.

bruh how do you get all these shinies

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Pokepon or resets.

Makes sense. Id guess you have the shiny charm as well so it kinda makes sense

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I have 13 other save files which i dedicate to soft reset legends which i trade over to my main acc. (No i dont dupe save files i start a brand new one)

Yes i do have lol.

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And for nature change i use the pokepon nature change glitch.

the what now?

Yeah what’s the pokepon nature glitch?

hehe when use the pokepon and it changes ur nature u can sr and get what nature u want lol

How does that work? I’ve had my game not work when using the pokepon and getting a nature change, but it always gave the same nature.

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Huh? Wierd.

I mean like resetting the save file before u use the pokepon

wait so you load a backup to reuse pokepon?

it has a chance of giving any nature so youve just been extremely unlucky

I’ve just had the hanging script error happen after it saves and before the pokepon spits out whatever the outcome is. I think the outcome is determined during the saving, as it never changes when I start the game again


Do you want me to fix ur save file?

Oh no, i’m good haha. I haven’t had any serious issues, just think the forced restarts and such are due to my computer moreso than the game.

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doesn’t the game auto save as soon as you use the pokepon?

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