Shiny tyranitar[Traded]

Trading Name: Vendarkius

Offer: Shiny tyranitar

Request: Bredmons

Further info: If i can get like 2-3 bredmons then ill trade you (bredmons: Froakie, torchic, and Larvitar) If this shiny isnt enough i can add like a iv stone

I can offer a Adamant Torchic with perfect Ivs with Speed Boost, Swords Dance, Low Kick, Baton Pass. I can also offer Froakie and Larvitar. I am also willing to add another mon or two if you would like.

sorry it was traded, but i can offer iv stones for those mons

how is your armor blue mine is purple. Also why does it say you’re not holding an item if he has the armor on

Armor turns blue when shiny. Also that’s probably just a bug.

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