Shiny Trainer Pokemon

Ok the first time I saw Nora had a shiny quilava. i was upset for a little while about it and then i got over it and said “Yknow this won’t happen again. The shiny chance is 1/8000 something” And THEN im just casually training my pokes for the Audrey fight and the Audino EXP Trainer HAD A SHINY AUDINO. Now this is the second shiny that could have been a random encounter for me is now in the hands of a trainer i will never see again. Its cool to see but ■■■■ does it make me sad that i cant have it.( Edit: i was playing again yesterday when a trainer had a shiny tauros too. Keep in mind this was my first battle back playing the game after a couple weeks -_-)


Welcome to the club buddy, i encountered 3 shiny d. squirtle while soft resetting for a shiny delta charmander.

The devs love trolling shiny hunters

How is it even trolling? We have no control over any of this, it’s just RNG that causes trainers to have the same shiny luck on their team as a wild pokemon. There are no special things that make it a troll, it’s just how the game is programmed in general.

That suckss

Its not necessarily a troll its just something that could be fixed but isn’t. Its not a big deal though. It is a unique feature to have but it can be annoying is all.