Shiny Tentacruel

Trading Name: lesterpogi

Offer: I just caught a shiny tentacruel but i dont want it so i want to traade it

Request: Offer your shiny pokemons

Further info:If posible i want a shiny toxicroak or shiny drapion

I can offfer anything else on other than shinies,But if you dont want anything on other than shinies try going to discord

I’ll give you 12 IV stones for it

I think he only wants shinies.

If not, then I offer thirteen.

I’ll go 15 IV stones

I offer anything on other than shinies

Sorry But I will only accept shinies

I can give shiny delibird

@lesterpogi0703 Mind telling me the nature and ability?

Naughty nature and liquid ooze ability

shiny quagsire

Not Interested… Do you have any other shiny that is part poison type?

Not interested

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