Shiny Talk

Ok shiny talk for everyone
Share a insurgence or non insurgence shiny find.
I’ll start with 2.
I found a shiny stunfisk full odds from ultra wormhole in Pokemon Ultra sun
Number 2.
I found a shiny Psyduck in the area with lana again Ultra sun, but killed it.

I uh, killed a shiny altaria in insurgence because I forgot it was dragon type

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Dang sry to hear that lol.

The stunfisk wasn’t full odds if it was from an ultra wormhole, they have boosted rates

I found a full odds shiny maractus in sword, was turning around and leaving the daycare and ran into it by accident

ohhhhhhhh that explains the shiny barbaracle I found today…

I hunted for a shiny sandile for over 3 years. That was painful. Also spent over 2 days and 15000 encs on a shiny beldum in unbound. The reason these took so long was because my game was bugged sooooooooooo I was really sad lmao

Dang that must have suckeddd Im currently hunting shiny absol in usum

I killed a shiny Lucario in SWSH when trying to lower its health.

Ouch, that must have sucked

The worst part was that it was the first non-cheated shiny I ever found. The rest were obtained using Powersaves.

Just got my shiny Steelix after a few hours of attempting to find with the DexNav. Pretty nice feeling after putting in the time to find it to finally get it!