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Shiny starters (delta and non-delta)

Trading Name: KELVINHJR

Offer: Shinies/Legendaries

Request: shiny delta starters all of them eevee charmander squirtle and bulbasuar

Further info:I can all offer other deltas i have or mega stones or items

which shinies do you have ;))?

Only deino but i have other things…

wdym other things?

Yeah, gonna say that you might need to find some shinies of your own to offer in return. There are people already offering to breed perfect IV deltas for free right now, and getting a shiny starter is one of the more annoying shinies to hunt for in the game.

What legendaries are you trading?

Like the ones i havr

Which ones?

Can you be more especific

Like lugia delta regis

I have an Eevee and delta charmander, both shiny

Would you like to trade?

Ok so u want the legendaries?which ones?

And ur name?

Trading Name: ArcFOn84

Lugia and one of the delta regis, whichever you want.

Ah are you trading the eevee too? If not would I be able to offer something on it?

Ok mine is KELVINHJR im loading in

give a second i have to get them from the pc

Me too

Guessing that’s a no then

im trying to breed another one, ill mesage you as soon as is ready.

What do you want for shiny lugia