Shiny Snover

Trading Name: Jays

Offer: Shiny Snover, neutral nature, Snow Warning

Request: other Shinys

Further info: could technically ramp it up to perfect iv’s too, depending on the offer

I have a shiny klefki and shiny fletchender


the fletchinder would be a consideration, but let me wait a bit first, curious for other offers :3

Ok just let me know!(@ me plz)

These are the rare things I have to offer.

I also have IV stones, perfect bred pokemon, whatever you might want :wink:

Be reasonable with requests. There’s little chance I’m giving a good one of my shinies for the snover.

I actually take back my offer just relized how much I want them

@Jays I can also offer starter megastones.

I can offer bred mons w/ egg moves and 5ivs and some megastones, including starters (though cow will get them faster).

what’s rare about the delta scyther and nidorino?

Nidorino is shiny. Delta Scyther just has a good nature and IVs

what’s its ability?

Which one?


Poison point

They shiny?


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