Shiny shop

Trading Name: dheer


switch the zangoose and eevee for a camarupt, a rapidash and a feraligator

Request: shinies

Further info:

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Wait so are you offering all of the shinies in that box? Or just the d blastoise

all of them… i am more reluctant to trade the ray or delta gallade thou

do you have anything you want to trade

Maybe, although I’ll have to think about it. I am interested in a few of them though

What is the nature, location, and OT of the sceptile and zangoose. Im interested.

sorry… was sleeping

would you take any of these for the sceptile or zangoose?1 2

no… you are inferno arn’t you

i will give the sceptile, zangoose and another normal shiny for the delta bisharp or delta heatmor if you are inferno… have to go to classes so will see you later

What about both of those shinies for either sceptile or zangoose?

I’ll only trade delta shinies for other delta shinies

i am wish i could change my name

ok… ill give zangoose for them… can i see it’s ot

a b

ok… what is your trade name… mine is dheer