Shiny quest 2

Hi all about 2 years ago I finished my first shiny quest and I’m back for another round. My first shiny will be the starter eevee but I wondering what the 2nd shiny will be so I’m here asking for ideas. preferably delta Pokémon and not ralts (as I got it the first time)

Thanks all

P.S rules are that I need to get one shiny for each badge EG Eevee = 1st 2nd shiny = 2nd and so on

Eevee > D Aipom > D Lotad > D Munchlax > D Koffing >D Shinx > D Snorunt > D Doduo

Been a while since I played through the story, but I believe this order should work.

Only things I’m unsure of is if the D Lotad trade is available before the gym, and if you can get a pseudo legendary for D Koffing before gym 5 so you should probably double check that if you follow my list, good luck

This is great thank you, I have gotten the D aiipom in my last quest but he was by far my fav on the team so I’m happy to repeat for him. This list helps a lot

Also just wondering does any know when D combee is obtainable?

It’s in the hidden grotto in the northeastern area of route 9, that’s the route before Sonata so pre gym 4. Since it’s a grotto encounter it should be quite easy, just save OUTSIDE the grotto and enter, then once you’ve got D Combee in the grotto you save INSIDE teh grotto and just soft reset from there. This way you’ll avoid having to regenerate the grotto by changing the date.

Oh nice I didn’t know that’s how the grottos work thank you for the massive time save.