Shiny Primal Arceus Re-sprite

title is pretty explanatory and here:



they both go in the battlers folder btw

Looks like some odd things happened to the coloring of some sections and their shading after the change but it’s an interesting color choice.

Make the overworld sprites

@ILoveKittens its a bit more difficult because it’s not just a simple recolor btw this is cba

Ok.I really want to change the sprite so i wanted all of them together.Post it whenever you want!

what im trying to say is that there is no actual overworld sprite for primal arceus

I know.

i got the inspiration from a twitter post you had a bit back and thanks for the feedback

Which program do you use?

I meant the normal Arceus,Not overworld of primal Arceus!:tipsfedora::tipsfedora:

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