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Shiny Pokemon Hub

Hey guys! So this post is meant to be a hub. People can buy and sell their shinies and deltas!!


You do realize selling Mons for real money is banned, right?

Bruh. Not for MONEY!! For iv stones and other shinies.

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Or maybe expensive in-game product like PP Max

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So, anyone wanna auction a shiny?

not me . but i want to bid

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i mean if anyone has a shiny legend(except Zygarde) I would give em my Shiny Latios kek

Lets go ok so I have 3 shinies to offer (only shiny legends for my shiny legends please)



ik it’s a bit redundant to have posted these again, but I just want any new people on the forums who hopefully see this and want to maybe trade

Hmm, I am interested in that elekid, I don’t have any shiny deltas tho so I will have to pass damn

I have a modest chimecho, careful swoobat, and jolly stunfisk available. Interested in other shinies rather than IV stones and such

They shiny?

Yup, all of them are shiny. I also have a few others that have their preferred nature, but I’d only be willing to trade those away for other mons that I really like

@Sbeve would you be willing to take a Shiny Delta Geodude for the Shiny D. Elekid? I don’t have it at the moment but I am curious to see if you would be willing to take one so I can start hunting it.

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yea I would, as long as the geodude has a good nature

Ok, if I do end up hunting it I’ll make sure to have a synchronize mon at the front.

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Since it`s in the Graveyard.

Are you trading the shiny Delta Ambipom?

Nah, Weird Al is sticking with me.

Okay, i understand.