Shiny Petlil

Trading Name: TheMightyJ225

Offer: Shiny Petlil

Request: I dunno, lvl 100+ stuff, maybe deltas

Further info: Shiny Petlil

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I can breed some pokemon and level them up for you if you would like that.

That works for sure, what pokemon you got? I’ll make sure not to sell it to anyone else

I can breed for the most part any pokemon you would like.Ya know as long as it isnt a legend

Aslong as it’s atleast lvl 90 idrc, i wanna beat the elite four, lemme go see if there are any deltas i particularly want

Do you breed torterras? EDIT: Regular not delta. EDIT 2: Nvm, delta works too, infact that’d be better

Ive currently completed the pokdex excluding all of the bugged mons.If you truely want higher level mons I can do that.I just dont have much to offer other wise on other than bred things

A high level normal/delta torterra is (excluding legendaries) the best thing i could get right now

Go ahead and name some things you would like and name if you want it bred.(Im gonna level it obviously)

In decreasing order of me wanting it: Delta Torterra, Torterra, Delta Ditto (doubt u could get me that), A legendary, Zoroark (with mega stone) and thats it

Delta torterra and torterra I can 100% can get.Cant get delta ditto since its one per save same as the mega stone.It also depends on which legend.

Any legend or mythical works besides the lake guardians, any pixie legendaries, or phione. I’d rather those than delta torterra, but if you cant get those delta torterra works just fine

Okay so a delta torterra,torterra and thundurus fine?The thundurus would be max level since its my old one,if thats okay.Im sorry for the level EDIT:Would you like the torterras bred?

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Thundurus, i already have one, i’d rather the delta torterra (and what do you mean would i like it bred?) than the thundurus, got any other legendaries? If not the delta torterra works

Im not trying to gip you at all.Like breed the pokemon for a good nature,ability ect.I have all legends dont know which one you want.But if you just want delta torterra thats fine

Something like a darkrai would be nice as thats my favorite legendary but im gonna get that anyway when i beat the elite four, as for the delta torterra, i’d want a good nature and ability, yes. good IVs are what i care about most in breeding though, i’d predict it’d be an attacker so a +attack - special attack nature would be cool if you have that.

Okay yes I can do that.Anything else in mind?Also dont know if it would get bred tonight or tomorrow as I have school

Maybe a crystal shard i can borrow for the elite four to give back when i get my own, otherwise thats about it

Okay Yeah I can do that.Ill try to breed that torterra now

If you dont get the right nature thats fine, aslong as its not - attack. And is it delta or normal cuz i d prefer delta