Shiny Only Pokemon Run

I officially started my Shiny only run of this beautiful game where i catch every pokemon as shiny and only allowed to use shiny mons

My goal is to get every mon as a shiny one. This is just going to be a very long playthrough as i want to do something for the next decade or so.
If your willing to trade pokemons to help me on this journey or if you need a specific mon we can work on it. This is just for me to have fun on a game which I really really adore.

I am on 3300 enc on my delta bulbasaur ( around 33 hrs) , I think the odds are 1 in 4096 (Fingers crossed) instead of 8k ish. I will continuosly update on the progress of my journey to become a shiny torren champion here.

Ohh I forgot to mention , I am doing it in Hard mode :sweat_smile:

lets see how it goes


so are you doing shiny living dex or just completing the dex while only catching shinies?

My primary plan is to get one of all pokemon species including deltas of course… If i complete this then I will think about breeding and hatching the shiny of each species available… Because I dont wanna kill myself in the process sooooo…

Also I wanna make sure are the starter shiny , In game trade odds ,1 in 4k or 8k??

idk what u mean but this will probably answer your question

I’m currently banging my head against a wall trying to get shiny delta larvesta and shiny larvesta because they look so cool.

Oh yeah, my first shiny was a stantler if you want it.

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Thats pretty cool…My first was a shiny quilava in the Friend Safari…But that save file got deleted which was my OG playthrough…i deleted the game and coming back after yrs nowww