Shiny modest 5iv charizard

Trading Name: avaiii

Offer: shiny modest 5iv charizard - not ev trained

Request: idk

Further info:

This is the one I traded you right?


ok gotcha

can trade for a salameance lvl 100?

sorry bad spelling

is it shiny?

if not, no thank you 100s are easy to obtain

its not X_X

Do you like any of these shinies?

d. gallade + 3 iv stones + 3 pokes to be ev trained?

Im trying to hold on to the gallade.Plus I already have a shiny char as you can see this one would be traded off most likely

still easier to obtain than a shiny

i meant its not shiny lol

sorry for the misunderstanding

its cool

i can trade a persain and a rapidash put together. both are shiny

no thanks

I’ll offer Shiny jolly binacle + a few ev trained mons and/or bred mons and/or some IV stones

any other shinies?

I have a shiny Kangaskhan… but it’s quiet.