Shiny missing no with pokerus

Trading Name: nutuse

Offer:shiny missing no

Request:anything that might be worth it

Further info:

Show me the Pictures please. Every page of the Summary. Afterwards, i am willing to likely offer quite high for it.

I don’t now how to take a picture on a Mac book and the pokers ran out here restently so no pokerus any more

Hey man, download Screen Capture. It allows you to take screenshots.

hey I am not downloading anything random

Check out this link from apple, tells you everything you need to know. I also might have something to offer (I know someone else offered but who knows, I might be able to offer higher). What’s your time zone, so we can arrange things efficiently?


and the missing no got traded a few minutes ago a friend of mine was willing to give me a shiny acres

I’m sorry I didn’t check my replies before I traded

just saying but no pics means no one will trade with you, cause you could be lying about the shiny

oh ok I will try to figger out how to get pics without downloading anything

Command shift 3, and command shift 4. Those take screenshots and send them to your desktop on mac computers. No download is required, it is a basic function.

got it

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