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Shiny mew for a old mon

Trading Name: Sanz1280

Hello everyone im a collector and I like to collect some mons but special ones. One of which is an old mon like a 2015 mon? By that it means the date it shows on the behaviour menu. Even an old event mon is nice. I can trade a shiny mew or an shiny raqazua

i had one 6 years ago


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same i had an event delta feebas, darn. i do have an event yanmask tho, its not old it was haloween 2020 but if you are interested hmu

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Yes Yes! Im intrested!

it was literally just last year tho, you sure?

how did you get 2 shiny legends

also that is a bad trade

Yup I do want it


aight then let me search my box

you can literaly just get it for a normal shiny at most

ehh its a bit rarer if its an old one cuz shinies can be obtained via pokepon or fs or any of the other methods. events arent like that tho

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how about this @Demopan

Yup this is it.

also you wanted a shiny groudon right

i can give 1

can you show its OT?

Dont care much anymore tbh