Shiny Makuhita

Trading Name: steiriki

Offer: shiny makuhita


Request: Make your offer

Further info: Would like neutral nature delta froakie and adamant nature delta dratini I don’t care for IVs.

I got an ada d dratini if you’re g w that? :))

Do you also have a delta froakie? I don’t need IVs

I don’t have a neutral natured one sadly :0))
I can do a timid one but it might take a bit to breed

How are these:

(don’t have a good IV parent yet for drat but I can keep going if you want)

Yes it should be fine then. Tell me when you are ready to trade.

ah alrighty, I’m good now or most of the time in the next 10-11 hrs :))

Alright I’m going online. Can you give me a modest water petilil instead of froakie?

I have a timid one?

that’s fine too

alrighty, so the petilil and dratini?

if so , trade name is hulaunicorns and I’ll get online when you say you’re online :))

yep I’m online now. Your trade name was hulaunicorns if I remember right

yup! sent a req

ayy thanks man! you got both of em right?

Yep, it’s a pleasure :slight_smile:

great! nice tradin w ya too :))

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