Shiny-locked delta?

Ok so I know the site said all Pokemon can be shiny hunted, but I’ve spent over 10,000 resets on a shiny delta Riolu. Is it that I’m unlucky? I almost immediately found a shiny Manectric while headed back after completing most of the post story.

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are you doing masuda method? if yes, then chances are, that masuda ditto is a fake and is not actually foreign

i’ve hunted shiny deltas by myself and 5 of them were less than 512 (with charm). only 1 of them were above that but less than 1k.
also, nothing is shiny locked except for the guaranteed shiny deino in the broadcast tower mission

edit: 6 shiny deltas were less than 512 (forgot about another mon)

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Forgive me for this, but how do you do the masuda method? It’s been a while since I used any methods

basically use a mon that is in a different region / language from you.

i’ve been told that USA is +1 region. 3 and 4 are considered the same.

What’s the difference’s of say +3 and +7? Again, it’s probably been 5 or more years.