Shiny Legendary Beasts / Cresselia

what would be the likely going price for a shiny roamer? asking for the future. also i have a lot of IV Stones

you’re going to have to find someone that already has at least one of them and ask what they would want in return. there is no set price given their difficulty to obtain and rarity, but in all likelihood it would be multiple shiny legends/deltas that they have a particular interest in

Ok thanks. My long term goal in insurgence is to have a full nat dex of normal and shinies, so I figured I would just ask

Shiny roamers are considered to be some of the rarest Pokémon in the game, so you’ll have a tough time finding someone to trade with

I do have an shiny cressila. Do u have any offers?

i have a lot of IV stones, but other than that i dont really have anything else of worth.

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