Shiny Jolly Giratina

Trading Name: WTFITS

Offer: My Shiny Giratina

Request: Other Shiny Delta Pokemons with Good Natures

Further info: Jolly Nature


I’ll offer a Shiny Adamant Scraggy

nope. thanks anyways

I meant delta scraggy, still not interested?

still no

Oh, okay. Unless you want a modest shiny Delta Misdreavus, there’s not much else I’d offer as I’ve already got myself a shiny Giratina

hey do you want a missing no with the shiny symbol and pokerus

no. sorry. but thanks btw

oh well at least I tried

whould you like a bold armored mewtwo?

maby but not for the missing no

because I already got an army of thous mewtwo armor shiny because of pokepon and trading

its like everyone wants to give me mewtwo

How about a Shiny Magmar or Leavanny?

not you

opps sorry

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