Shiny Hunting

So whats the fastest/easiest way to get Shiny? also is there i Shiny Charm here?

U Get SHINY CHARM after completing the pokedex.Pokemon can become shiny by pokepon machine,but the chance is low.I mean way low!

ok thanks for that. were you able to get a shiny from the pokepon machine already?

damn so need to complete 924 pokemon in the pokedex? seriously? is all the pokemons available in this version already?

Yeah,like the other games like BW.:sob::sob:

i shouldnt have reset when i caught the Entei. bad nature thats why i reset lol

I choose nature for my OU pokemon.But I don’t care about the others.

what team are you using now?

Mega Flygon,Mega Haxorus,D.Bisharp,Primal Regigigas,Primal Arceus,Primal Giratina-Mostly a dragon type team.I don’t remember their nature​:joy::joy:

for your OU team what pokemons you use? is there a list of tiers of the delta pokemon?

Sorry.But by OU,I meant the team which I mostly use at the moment,which is listed above.:eyes::eyes:

ah ok. well thanks for all the info

Glad to help.What’s your team,BTW?

i’m not using uber pokemons. as of now D. Hydreigon, D. Roserade, D. Charizard, D. Haxorus, D. Gallade and D. Bisharp

natures can be reset in pokepon

Nice👍.I’m thinking of changin regi with d.haxorus.



yeah can be reset in pokepon but its random, so its very difficult to get good nature. also it has a low chance

yep. im just stating another way.