Shiny hunting

Trading Name: stances

Offer: Shiny hunting service, I will hunt untill I get the pokemon you want can also pick nature that i will synchro. Only looking to hunt pokemon available in friend safaris.

Request: 2 shiny pokemon, Request that at least one of the pokemon are semi decent not both low stat pokemon like luvdisc or something. If you have a shiny delta starter that you want to trade will offer 3 hunts for it. Pokemon that are hatched with like eggmoves and nature will offer 2 hunts for.

Further info: Will also do a raffle that people can enter prize is a shiny hunt will cost 1 iv stone to enter can enter as many times as you want will close it at 20 entries can enter as much as you like and if we do not hit 20 entries in a week will close it or might close it sooner if it dies down. I will give you 1 entry if you trade for a shiny hunt as well.
(Also I tend to trade my breedjects so you probably getting at least 4iv bred pokemon for the 1 iv stone also)

Raffle for shiny hunt (1 IV stone per entry)
First Raffle (Dechozen101 Won)

Second Raffle (Closed Akeel Won)

  1. TwilightWing
  2. TwilightWing
  3. Cow
  4. Megastone
  5. Akeel
  6. Akeel
  7. Akeel
  8. Akeel
  9. Akeel
  10. Akeel
  11. Akeel
  12. Akeel
  13. Akeel
  14. Akeel
  15. Akeel
  16. Akeel
  17. Akeel
  18. Akeel
  19. Akeel
  20. Akeel

can i enter the raffle? i have no shinys to offer

Ya its 1 IV stone per entry no limit to entries per person

just curious but can shitty shinys count as entrys

i guess i could dont know how many entries i should put on them though lol

you should problaby make a rule about how many entries someone can be an a hole and buy all the entrys

if they want to buy all 20 then thats 20 iv stones they paying for a hunt and depending on how fast we finish this raffle might open more. Figured i would put it as an option because people always ask can I buy a shiny with IV stones so this kind of gives an option? to at least try and get one

ok im going to give you 10 iv stones i only have 1 now (getting 2 more for a megastone) and just in case i cant find more im giving it to you now so if i find more latter on i can get the rest

ok just hit me up on discord and post how many you are trading to me at the moment here and will put the entries in.

Just put in the 1 iv stone for entry

What does the raffle winner receive?

a shiny hunt. could have swore i put it but guess not

Ah, thanks for the clarification.

I’ll buy a slot for the lotto. Also, question. Are shinies the only thing we can pay with or can we offer mega stones/ IV stones?

only looking for shinys for hunts don’t really need any mega stones since could get all the ones I don’t have in less time then a shiny lol and the raffle is a way to kind of be able to get it through iv stones. just ping me on discord and we can trade for your entry into raffle

Got you in for your 2 entries

Do Delta Misdreavous count, I have a surplus

I might just because I don’t have any hunts yet. Would you be willing to do 1 misdreveous and 1 of w/e

Sure, but I would have to think about what to offer/buy or if I even want to have anything hunted first.

Got two more IV stones. Can I cash them in for more entries?