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Shiny Hunting UFI

I have been playing pokemon insurgence since March 2020, and only now im close to finishing the pokedéx. As you might know, to fully complete the Pokedéx you need to catch the legendary Pokémon UFI, which you can only get after catching all the other pokémons.
I decided that I would do the unthinkable, something extremely rare, and that is not only getting an UFI but getting a shiny UFI. I’m thinking in doing a livestream of me shiny hunting it because everyone knows that shiny hunting can be somewhat of a boredom and it is a lot more easier to do when you have people to talk and to see the reactions of getting what is, for me, the most unique pokémon in this game.
I would like to know what do you think of doing the livestream and if you would be down to watch it.


I might, if I’m awake. Got nothing better to do.

Me too.

if i dont die then yes

I might do it this saturday or friday.

I am live Twitch

@Tonio_Trolha i was watching…

Ah, way too late.