Shiny Hunting tips

Good day all, I noticed a lot of people seem to have a ton of shines, and I was wondering how you managed to find them. I know many of you trade for them, but how do you get your initial ones? For me, I lucked out with my shiny Magikarp (all the more special since I never had the chance to get the red Gyarados in the main series). But how about the rest of you? I haven’t heard of anyone using fishing chains or the Masuda method. And friend safari’s have the same chance as the rest of the wild.

Firstly, referencing this link (so that I don’t have to type it all out again >_>). My personal preference is hunting in Friend Safaris but if you’re more interested in one particular shiny rather than finding any shiny period, then soft resetting for things like Hidden Grotto encounters would be the better option, if the Pokémon can be obtained in such a manner. The rest require a lot more concentration on what’s going on in the game and tend to tire me out/kill my motivation more quickly.

Masuda method is technically implemented but can’t be (ab)used right now because the game doesn’t have a way to differentiate between regions. Dunno if suze plans on looking into implementing that or not. Chain fishing also is not implemented though we had discussed implementing it eons ago in dev chat. In 1.2 the DexNav will be implemented, which will make shiny hunting even easier.

Thanks for that, that had all the information I was looking for and more.