Shiny Hunting Red Machamp And Lucario(No Fainting)

So I know you can shiny hunt them, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to do one at a time? Has anyone tried to fill their boxes and leave space for only 1 of the 2? They both have awesome shinies, it would be amazing to have them both, and getting both on the same try is basically impossible.

You can Soft Reset the game until you get one of them, and then use the pokepon to hunt the other, though pokepon is extremely unreliable and will just give you a water stone most of the time ¯_(ツ)_/¯

What are their shinies?

Hunt and find out

Bruh, just tell me.


Just look at the Sprites Folder lmao. It’s name Battlers if I am not mistaken, and it’s located in the folder graphics

I already did.

Spoiler, I guess?

I know lucario become grey like its alternative skin in Super Smash Bros. I think Machamp becomes blue.

Atleast put a spoiler alert.

Is there any way to do the pokepon attempts quickly? Waiting ~20 minutes per attempt wouldn’t be too fun.

Unless you want destroy the pokepon and all the hidden grottos changing your computers time, there is not ಠ_ಠ

well there is a way. change your time forward and then when it asks “are you sure? your first party member will be sent” or smth like that and you get the option to say yes or no, you change your time back and then say yes. im pretty sure this was patched/can destroy your comp but it worked on my og savefile

red garde is pink

i make sprites myself so i already know. i already looked