Shiny Hunting Help

So I really started liking shiny pokemon and would love if someone could give me help to how to shiny hunt in pokemon insurgence or how to get the shiny charm.

I am not even half way through the game but i can egg gen a pokemon if i get 2 shinies my friend’s rule .

So I would like some tips for shiny hunting.

  1. there is no shiny charm
  2. you can get shinies randomly by walking around, breeding and pokepon.
  3. what do you mean by egg gen?

Idk why when i open the game at the screen where you enter with the mystery gift if you go lower you will see an egg gen.

Idk if it’s a rare thing or just something most ppl don’t notice

Methods of hunting shinies in insurgence. However, the shiny chance is 1/8192 everywhere in insurgence, be it the wild routes, friend safari pokemon or in-game trades from NPCs. Only exception is pokepon but it has a time+steps constraint. You’d probably get the shiny charm somehow in 1.2 if you complete the dex. There’ll be dexnav in 1.2, which would make shiny hunting easier.

Once you load the text for egglocke, you can’t load any more eggs into that save iirc. You’ll have to start a new challenge.

The egg generator that you mentioned is only useful for egglocke challenge mode. You can’t use it for any other playthrough. Your friend is probably pulling your leg.

… am salty

I now hate mah friends xD

btw in case you are wondering you can’t trade in challenge runs so if you catch a shiny in one of those its stuck in that run

I don’t do challenge runs yet i still stink at this …