Shiny hunting Arceus

To the insurgence community,

I’m shiny hunting Arceus at the moment, I have done about 100SR. There are couple of things I noticed if I speed up too much the game start lagging, therefore I was wondering what would be the best speed that way, so it doesn’t lag or take forever to load?
Also can I skip the legendary symbol or at least speed up the loading?

Edit: it takes me 3minutes and 15 seconds between each reset.


I think you can quick save while arceus is walking towards you. Not sure though.

I caught it by accident and pressed v. I was half asleep, I’ll have to restart my game.

Or use a backup.

How do you use back up?

Thanks, also I was wondering how early in the game can someone get the shiny charm do you need to complete certain events or do you just need to have every Pokémon registered?

I couldn’t find anything online or on the wiki.

To get the shiny charm, you need every pokemon besides UFI registered to your dex. This includes the roamers: Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Cresselia. If you wanted to shiny hunt the roamers, then you probably don’t want to hunt with the shiny charm until after you catch everything up to Arceus, then the roamers. You can touch trade whatever is remaining at that point.

Where exactly do you get once you every pokemon is registered?

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you mean the shiny charm?,just talk to sylvan on her lab after registering everymon,then you can catch UFI in the mysterious spire

Yes, thanks

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If you still want to get rid of the loading and legendary symbol, just go to the core folder, then graphics, pictures, and delete “AlchemicalBG_Arceus.png” and “AlchemicalBG_Arceus 2.png”.
This skips the animation :slight_smile:

Thanks, MasterfulOverlord.