Shiny Hunter Mode

Just a thought that crossed my mind, sorry if it’s been suggested before, but what I thought of was a shiny hunter mode; Your starter is shiny, shiny’s appear more often(1/2 or 1/4 of normal rate) or they just appear at normal rate for more of a challenge, and trainer can only catch/use shiny pokemon throughout the run.

just play a normal run of any original Pokémon game on an emulator. Put an AR code for all shiny encounters and voila! you have a full shiny mode.

Very helpful, but I’m suggesting a challenge run for THIS game. I’m not saying I want to play a game with shiny Pokemon everywhere. I’m saying it’d be a fun twist for this game, kinda like egglocke and nuzlocke, but shinylocke. Thanks again for the feedback, really constructive. :slight_smile:

You can always replace the shiny sprites with the regular ones in your Graphics folder so every normal pokemon would appear as “shiny”.

I’m not sure how to make this any clearer, but… I am SUGGESTING a challenge mode for insurgence, that is based around hunting shiny’s, it’d be similar to egglocke and nuzlocke but with its own twist on the game. The trainer starts with a shiny, then has to hunt for other shiny’s (either at an easier rate or same as normal) to complete their party and ultimately the play through. I am NOT ASKING for sprite changes or ways to hack roms, or whatever else, to make everything shiny.

My English is not the best ( 3rd language) so sorry, but i think I’m explaining this well enough?

Oh yea, sorry i didn’t read what you wrote completely. Well i don’t really think that’s a good idea because it’s gonna take all the fun and excitement of finding/catching shinies. And also that wouldn’t really be any challenge since you start with a shiny. A good challenge for shinies would be to lower the shiny rate but in order to complete the challenge you would have to complete the dex. But that challenge should better be on its own without any locke or something simillar.

Like a mode that you could only catch and trade pokémon if they’re Shineys ? Why not, it could be a good idea

What challenge is creating your pokemon in eggs with egg moves and perfect stats? (egglocke) The same challenge as this, you are limited in choice and if you add nuzlock you’re really limited. More so they add their own fun twist to the game, then make it challenging, but the challenge can still be there.

  1. Egglocke forces you to get random Pokemon, while the opposing trainer will have their original mons, synergy intact.
  2. This mode barely adds any feasable challenge. Why have such a mode when you could just play a nuzlocke and be limited to 1 mon per route? How does the higher shiny rate add anything to a gameplay other than getting to look at more shinies? Also, you said 1/2 or 1/4 of the normal rate (I’m guessing you mean 2 times or 4 times more likely), the rate is 1/8192, which goes down to 1/4096 or 1/2048. Both means you won’t be getting any mons in your team anytime soon.

I like the idea, I think it would be interesting to have a mode where only shiny mons can be caught. This would force the player to shiny hunt for each encounter.

Unfortunately, the current version of insurgence does not have any methods for increasing shiny encounter chance. If in the final update the devs implement chaining shinies, this would be a much more viable challenge mode.

If this sort of locke interests anyone, check out aDrive’s shinylocke play through on YouTube, I feel his method is fairly close to what the OP’s intention was.

In reply to 1. and 2. its a challenge because you have to hunt for a shiny to build up your party, the increased rate would make it less tedious. You’re kinda forced to take whatever shiny you can get in the begining to build up a team, later on you’re open to more options then the other challenge run but in the beginning its a controlled random, if that makes sense… (for example hunting in route 1 i could get a shiny ponyta or shiny blitzle most likely, i’d have to take either to stand a chance at first gym along with my starter)

I’m actually an aDrive fan! I watched his shinylocke haha, it’s exactly what i want, but on insurgance…and i totally agree, wouldn’t even need the increased rate really, just the ability to chain would make it a lot more practical.

Then wait for the DexNav which will be on the final update.

Personally, I’m already doing a ShinyLocke, except it’s a ShinyDeltaLocke. Up to trying to get Shiny Delta Grimer, have all the starters, Delta Scyther, Delta Ralts and Delta Sunkern shiny. :smiley:

Sounds like fun! I am doing a shiny normal locke at the moment as well haha. Got a shiny eevee, chansey kangaskahn, and ditto haha. Best of wishes to you on your hunt!!

Is the monotype intentional?