Shiny hunter for rent

Trading Name: cooldude69

Offer: I can shiny hunt anything up to kelper (even deltas)

Request: depending

Further info:if it’s a d.ralt i’d want a master ball so choose carefully

Delta Clampearl, it’s the dive spot at the right end of the Whirl Islands

i can give you a masterball for a timid shiny d-ralts (preferably female).
i can also provide u with almost any syncronize mons in beforehand if u dont already have them
(seriously u dont want to encounter a shiny with a bad nature if its avoidable!).
i can also give u competitive (delta) breedings if u want.
my timezone is UTC +01:00

i can’t do that because that’s the most time consuming thing i can do
1.i caught before
2.i’d have to load another save wich can take a lot

(sorry for late reply had family stuff)

working on your shiny

but you can just give me a master ball and d.volcarona

got it

and before u ask because of the masterball icon on it, pokeballs dont get lost when they are used on hatched pokemon.

okay then, Shiny…Greninja, what do you want for it?

Could you do a shiny Shinx (or any one of its evolutions)? Idc the lvl and will trade you any non-legends :slight_smile:
// or if you can’t, do you happen to have a fennekin or porygon (non-shiny)? I rlly need them for my pokedex :0))

i can give u a spare fennekin and porygon-z if u want

i can give u a spare fennekin and porygon-z if u want

oh yes plz! if you could do both that would be great~ what do you want in return? if there’s nothing I can even breed them and give them back!

my user’s hulaunicorns

i dont need anythig for that u can keep them.
my tradename is DrKoolAid777

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but don’t i have to give u a pkmn? I have almost all of the torren ones so u can request any non-legends

i already completed the dex

wow that’s awesome! so it doesn’t matter what i give you?


anyways whats ur tradename?

its the same thing as our username right? my user’s hulaunicorns

its DrKoolAid777

thxx! i’m online now so whenever ur ready