Shiny hunt for encounter

Guys, this is making me crazy. Ive been trying to shiny hunt a delta cyndaquil by soft resetting in satellite corp, ive been doing it for hours!!! How long do you guys soft reset or how many times do you usually take to encounter a shiny?

this is why i dont shiny hunt, the first time i tried it was on pokemon platinum for giratina, it took me 13,000 resets never put myself through that again

Shiny hunting is unfortunately, all about luck. Whichever way you choose to spin it, 1/4096 is an extremely low chance. Just keep at it, ensure you have a Synchronize mon to get a good nature (Timid is best for D. Cyndaquil), and have patience.

You can also more easily obtain Delta shiny Pokemon using the Masuda Method, more of which can be found about here.