Shiny hunt eggs

if i have 1 egg and save before it hachtes then quite the game and restart the game.
would that make it easyer to get a shiny or does the egg always be the same?

The egg will always be the same.

You have to save the game (only have to save once) before getting the egg, hatch it and if is not shiny sofreset by pressing F 12, get a new egg and repeat.

It`s easier if you pay the egg hatcher in Vipik City.

there a egg hatcher? how does he/she work?

Egg hatching chemical

On the second floor of the house furthest to the left, there is a man who has developed a chemical that accelerates the hatching process of Pokémon eggs. He can apply this chemical to the player’s eggs, removing one step needed to hatch the egg for every Pokémon Dollar1 that the player pays him.

ah awsome! thx