Shiny hoppip for trade

Trading Name: Chukker19

Offer: shiny hoppip

Request: best offer

Further info:

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6 5 IV fully ev trained pokes with 3-4 egg moves, ability of your choice, gender of your choice. this is a whole team of your choice. which costs like 5 iv stones ea, since i will be ev training them.

if you want to star with a Drizzle , Drought , Sandstream team i have these too.

but you can still order what 6 pokes you want.

I will offer:

Any amount of 5iv Ev trained Pokemon you want (Has to be less than eight, more than that is unreasonable)


8 IV stones


Any one of the following shinies: sawbuck, exploud, gligar (I just want to swap some shinies)

@Lesss gives you a great offer if you are interested. I don’t think you will get any better! :smiley:

Yeah, lesss is basically offering to build your whole team for you, take his offer.

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