Shiny Heliolisk

Trading Name: Thomas or powerstaark

Offer: Shiny Heliolisk with Dry Skin

Request: Aerodactylite, Houndoominite, Reuniclite or Delta Sunflorite

Further info: I’ve never traded over the internet before so if anyone accepts this offer, they may have to talk me through it. If I can trade the Heliolisk for all four of these Mega Stones that would be wonderful but I assume that, just like in-game trades, you can only trade one item and/or Pokemon at a time. Also is the trading name the name you use in the game or the name you use on this site?

Dude they are all not obtainable right now.

Someone must have at least one of them. I know the Reuniclite at least was obtainable at some point and I’m pretty sure the Delta Sunflorite could be obtained if you were lucky enough to get it before the Etigirafarigite. Unfortunately for me, I found the latter Mega Stone first and according to one of the developers, there’s a bug that prevents you from getting the Delta Sunflorite after that.

Holy shit you were right about the delta sunflorite

You’re not offering it are you?

no sorry I like mega stones more than i like shiny pokemon

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