Shiny Giratina

Is it possible to shiny hunt Giratina in this game? Is there a specific place i have to save at?

Yes, it`s posible.

You have to save in front of Giratina, then start the battle if it`s not a shiny press F 12 to soft reset…

Ok thank you! i didn’t want to spend hours trying to shiny hunt if it wasnt possible.

Yeah it`s posible, but as you said it could take a few minutes or even weeks.

Evrything will depend on your luck.

for reference, nothing is shiny locked :))

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Are the deltas shiny odds the same as every pokemon?

For some reason they take way longer for shiny hunt.

yes they are, 1/4096 without the shiny charm and 3/4096 with.

I’d suggest doing masuda method w d. ditto for delta mons, as that rate is much higher

How long does it usually take for you with the masuda method?

i mean i have rlly bad luck so i havent gotten one in about 700 eggs, but usually its about 300-400 :))

fastest method is saving before recieving the egg from the daycare lady, flying to vipik and the egg hatcher dude to hatch it, and then SRing if its not shiny

Okay, thanks, also congratulations on becoming a Prophet,

no prob, and gl on your next hunt! whatcha hunting btw?

ayy thanks sm man xD took me a while but we got there OuO

I`m tryng to shiy hunt the Delta Misdreavus from Deyraan Town.

I konw i could catch it and them try the masuda, but it`s personal at this point by the amount of time that i have spent.

ahh dang i traded my shiny d.mis a while back sry

I feel that tho, I’m on one month now for this red lucario xD Either way tho, gl man :))

Thanks, goood luck to you too.

I`ll try to get the red pokemon afetr i get the shiny charm, the no faint has already been solved.

nice, good luck with d. mis, dex completion and the red mons then :))