Shiny garchomp Line

I can offer 2 shines for any shiny mon from the garchomp I dont mind what nature or ivs it is,
My offering is
Shiny Charizard Relaxed Nature
With perfect ivs.

I have a level 48 or so shiny Garchomp if you’re interested. Any other options besides charizard since I already have its shiny?

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shiny grumpig? Or a shiny sceptile or shiny torchic with perfect ivs for all the shines.
If possible a mew,mewtwo,zekrom (non shiny) would be nice if u can give it away

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those legendary pokemon yet since I’ll be shiny hunting them (besides Mew). What natures are the grumpig, sceptile, and torchic? May determine what I want since Garchomp is the preferred jolly nature

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i mean he said the legends as non shiny

Torchic - Adamant
Sceptile - Relaxed
Grumping - Serious

Can u trade?

Sorry for the delay, I’m definitely still interested in trading. Might be another day or two before I can find a decent time to go through with the trade though

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alrighty! I should be good to trade for a little bit, and then also almost anytime tomorrow. I think I’m interested in that adamant torchic and grumpig, if you’re good with that

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I have an shiny delta charmander I’ll pm u when ready!! which is tmrw cuz I’m not at my pc rn where do you live? So I can get the timing correct

Are u good with that char?

Oooh in that case, I’ll certainly be good with a shiny delta charmander! Tomorrow sounds good to me! I’m US eastern time, and can be relatively flexible

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Aight sure TY! Enjoy!

Oh yeah no problem my man! Garchomp is pretty much set to go movewise, so I don’t think you’ll have to change much other than the level! Just rechecked it, and I can change it’s IV’s if you want.

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Nah just I want it cuz of its custom shiny!

I’ll group it with my collection that’s all.

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