Shiny for shiny

Trading Name: sathosi

Offer: s.nosepass, or s.tyrunt, or s.sliggoo, or s.luvdis(event), or s.marshtomp

Request: s.froakie line, or s.tyranitar line, or s.noibat line, or other shiny

Further info:

its shiny or not

ok… when you can trade with me?

ok im online on 2 minute what your trade name

im sathosi


ok thanks


did you have another shiny for my shiny

how about shiny delta blastoise for shiny sliggoo

@sathosi21 Still waiting for the images.

Would you take a rapidash or arcanine for the d blastoise or eevee? I have full iv mons as well

You are trading shiby delta blastoise for Sliggoo?

First off, that’s not a very good deal. Request two or more shinies for the blastoise.

Once you become a basic user you get more replies. From the looks of it you are one already.

they are both shiny.

Do you have a shiny thundurus?

wanna trade eevee for rapidash or arcanine? i can offer other stuff as well

Could I make an offer for the delta charmander? I really want one :slight_smile:

sure ill go on

im online